Thursday, December 26, 2013

Random Post

Well hello internet! I haven't posted anything in a while. (like 5 years) I thought I would catch up on things going on in my life., even thought my life consist of  5 friends, target, and sonic drinks.  Let's give this a shot!

So I have been really busy with My YouTube channel
(insert promo here: ) doing challenges, vlogs and other exciting things. I have also reached 800 subscribers, which is crazy because I didn't even think I would get 10, so a massive thank you to everyone who helped me reach 800!

I have also been going  on a lot  of adventures/outings . Things including, concerts, festivals,, and other adventures. So if you are having a day where you have no motivation to do anything except eat popcorn and lay on the couch, hop on over to my channel and check out my vlogs!
Well this post turned into a commercial for my YouTube channel very quickly so I am going to log off and enjoy the rest of my Christmas!
     Merry Christmas to all,

                                - Ally

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