Friday, December 27, 2013

Stars Dance Tour Experience

So around 7 weeks ago Mackenzie, Lindsey, and I went GAGA for Gomez. We attended the Houston show for the Stars Dance Tour. The acts included Christina Grimme, Emblem Three, and Selena Gomez.

Before I start on this long rant, can we talk about how Christina Grimme can rock the messy ponytail?
Anyways back to the Blog post..
 Christina Started off the show singing songs that literally got everyone in the arena pumped. It truly amazed me how she can stay behind a piano for a whole song, wear normal clothes, have her hair in a simple updo, and still grasp the audience's attention the way she did. She is an EXTREMELY talented musician and I would love to see her perform again.  

On to the next act....

    Emblem3 Emblem3 Emblem3 ...
They came on after Christina and kept the audience pumped. It is literally like watching 3 extremely talented chimpanzees play on a jungle gym. They are so carefree when they perform, and I think that's why people love them (other than the fact that they are extremely good looking and very talented). 

Last but not least Selena! She put on a great show, and I was truely blown away. Coming from Disney, I did not expect her to sound so mature. I was definitely proven wrong. Her choreography was so intense... if that was me I would be passed out on the stage. She sang her pop/up-beat songs, and also some unplugged versions. My favorite part was when she sang Love Will Remember. The pureness of her voice was so captivating it literally brought me to tears. All-in-all Selena Gomez knows how to make you to dance and cry in the same night. 

Enjoy some of my pictures from the concert: 


The fact that I captured both of the Stromberg brothers airborne. 

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