Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dealing With Stress

Life can get pretty stressful every now and then. Whether it is school or work, stress is stress. For me, stress comes in big tsunami tides, and when it hits it hits hard. I am only speaking from personal experience, but when I get stressed out I also become unhappy and depressed. I have a few techniques and other small things I do to distress and improve my life.

1.       As much as it may kill you to sit down and read a book, it really helps with getting your mind off of things. Think of it as a small escape from reality. For at least 30 minutes you can forget about the world around you and regroup your thoughts and feelings.

2.       Exercise is key when you are stressed. Get outside or on a treadmill and literally run your stress away. This benefits both your body mentally and physically. I have learned from personal experience that angry music helps too.

3.       Taking you back to point 1, getting caught up in a movie or television series can help you de-stress. It is not one of the healthiest choices, but hey life is too short to always pick the healthy option.

4.       Eating is definitely one of my favorite pass-times. Stress eating does not always have to be necessarily super unhealthy. Chocolate and other candy is a great stress reliever, but eat them in moderation so our de-stress run doesn’t go completely to waste. Popcorn is a personal favorite binge snack.

5.       Last but not least is a tip that does not apply to everyone. I am a dark and twisty type of person (Greys Anatomy fans will understand). I do not normally confide in people for my issues and personal problems, but that does not mean it won’t work for you. Call up a friend and have a quick chat. I am sure they are or have gone through similar situations.

I hope these few tips have helped you Get stress free and happy. Comment on this post things you do to relax or relief stress.

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