Friday, September 4, 2015

New Chapter: College

For most people, college is either a fight or flight experience. For me... it has been both. I attend the University of North Texas and i'm studying Business with a focus in human resource management, so basically I like to boss people around.

Check out my 1st week vlog here (

The first week of school was a sea of emotions. I had post vacation depression, post concert depression, and post leaving home depression all at the same time. After the second day I was ready to go home to my mommy. The homesickness was real. A few days full of sad songs and bathroom breakdowns with my roommate, Shelby, passed and we were both getting the hang of doing things on our own. Growing up they always tell you that in college you have to study study study, but what they really need to say is laundry laundry laundry. Never in a million years did I think that I could go through so many clothes in so little time. It was getting to the point where I was buying a new shirt everyday so I wouldn't have to wash clothes. My stress level was rising, but little did I know I was about to meet my new favorite people.

Josh (Jochua as I like to call him) and Colton danced their ways into my life (literally), and I am so happy they did. Squad -2.0, as we were kindly named, is definitely a story I am excited to see play out. From dancing in the streets to dancing in the clubs, one thing you know for sure is that we will always be dancing. Josh and I share they same personality and Colton and Shelby share the same personality, so we balance each other out perfectly. It's crazy how a week before I met them Shelby and I were packing our bags ready to go home. I definitely would not be here still if it wasn't for them.

The moral of this story is to just give things time. When you are ready to give up when life gets hard, just wait and let things play out. Life has a funny way of always working out in your favor, so give it a chance.     Until next time, Ally

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